Velik- Hunter of Stars- Part 2

“This was a terrible idea!” Zo shouted as we ran.

“Yeah,” I gasped out.




“I know!” I shouted back.

Why couldn’t she leave it be? We both clearly understood that we were in some serious trouble right now, but she couldn’t shut her mouth. I was too busy trying to save what air I could to fill my lungs so I could continue existing. Which meant I needed to be running. I hated running.

She hated it as much as I did, I couldn’t understand how she found enough air to keep shouting obvious crap at me. But I thought this a lot. Strange that I should be thinking it now, while we were running for our lives.

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"Reading is like breathing in
and writing is like breathing out,
and storytelling is what links both."
-Pam Allyn

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