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5 Ways to Increase Productivity

A.K.A. Work When You Can

(and stay sane)

Apologies for the lack of inactivity for the past few months. It’s been wild. Between family visits, starting our oldest son in Transitional Kindergarten, starting our youngest son in a pre-school program, adjusting to my husband’s change in work schedule (again), and a root canal, all mixed in with all the usual life-ing and parenting... let's just say I’ve had to pick and choose where my energy went.

            While I don’t want my blog to be so low on the priority list, it was that or quit washing the dishes. While there’s no contest in my mind which I’d prefer, my family tends to notice when there’s no food, or if their clothes aren't clean, and they tend to prefer eating their food on clean plates. (So demanding!)

            While I was away, there has been some intense soul searching. Good and deep and exhausting. While I’m not going to share details, I am going to share some of my takeaways from it all. Because I’ve hardly read any books lately, so any extra energy I’ve had has been dumped into editing my manuscript. Which is another update for another day.

            The takeaway for today that I dragged from the madness that has been the last several months is Work When You Can.


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"Reading is like breathing in
and writing is like breathing out,
and storytelling is what links both."
-Pam Allyn

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