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Velik- Hunter of Stars- Part 3

The thing about Pops is that he was always so organized and prepared for things. I kept wondering why he never prepared for this. But how could he prepare for the eventuality that his grandson would have to go gallivanting off into space to search for him? That I would be sitting here, pouring over his journal filled with meaningless scribbles, trying to figure out a clue that could lead me to him.

                It sounds ridiculous when I put it like that. It seems like I’m on this grand adventure with an amazing story to tell. This is just my life. If I heard any of this from anyone else I suppose it would sound like a gripping, action packed story. But for me, I’m simply scared and confused. A guy, barely old enough to call himself an adult, sitting in a borrowed space ship leafing through a journal written by my grandpa, trying to figure out where in the universe he could be. The symbols danced across the pages, mocking me.

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"Reading is like breathing in
and writing is like breathing out,
and storytelling is what links both."
-Pam Allyn

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