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Broadening My Horizons

Hello August!

               I'm here to give myself new reading goals! Huzzah!

               I realize I just posted my Quarterly Goals, and in that post, I claimed I would only read two books per month. If you know me, then you know that’s a total crock of... well, I lied. Yes, I know it’s not polite to lie, my mama and daddy raised me right. I apologize.

               I feel bad changing the game halfway through the quarter, but I have a problem with my current goal. And here I am to rectify that problem. At first I felt bad about changing my goals because I’m a perfectionist and I freak out when I make mistakes. (Don’t judge me okay, I know I’m crazy.) I keep having to remember that I am constantly changing and growing and my goals need to move along with me!

                My problem is this, I read too much fiction. GASP! Say it isn’t so! I wish I could. But that would be more lies, and I promised to keep it honest here.

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"Reading is like breathing in
and writing is like breathing out,
and storytelling is what links both."
-Pam Allyn

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