One of my more recent reads was an ARC (Advanced Reader Copy) of Kim Chance’s debut novel, Keeper. I'm just now getting around to reviewing it, but that's not because I didn't love it! Life is crazy and I might have overloaded my plate for October, but that's a topic for another post.


                Keeper is about an ambitious young girl, Lainey Stiles who dreams of college and becoming a scientist. She is intelligent though a little awkward in social scenarios. She has the best sidekick ever in her exuberant bestie, Maggie who is into SO many fandoms, my nerdy little heart was doing cartwheels!

                 After a disturbing encounter with a powerful woman Lainey later discovers is a witch from a bygone age, Lainey learns that she herself is a witch (which her uncle who raised her should have told her… along with a few other things) and is thrust into a world filled with magic and dark intrigue. Throw into the mix a dark and broody hunk, Ty, who is more invested in her fate than she can grasp. With the help of her friends, her uncle and his girlfriend, Lainey must come to terms with who she is and what that means not only to herself but the world.

                This story is the perfect, fast paced, fun read filled with Southern Gothic witchy-ness, some historical fun and nods to several other schools of magic and magical creatures (that I’m hoping feature strongly in the sequel?! Please 😊) as well as some amazing comic and nerdy fandom references from my favorite character, Maggie! Chance has a way with her storytelling that is engaging, endearing and exciting and leaving you wanting more.

               I will say that I don’t always love YA (Young Adult), but I went into it expecting a light YA read and I came out very happy. Mostly because it wasn’t nearly as light as I expected. It was intriguing and had some intense dark moments that had me gasping a bit.

                While I wasn’t blown away by the twists and turns, I enjoyed every one of them. I think she set herself up for an amazing series here, and I will definitely be buying ALL THE BOOKS! If it weren’t for the fact that I’m a mom of two young kids and life happened, I would have devoured this book in one sitting!

              I received my ARC from Netgalley and I am on Kim Chance’s Street Team to help her promote her book. I have been a fan of Kim Chance for a while now, watching her writing trials and successes (via YouTube) and her positivity is infectious. You can see her personality all over this book, which is so great! Kim deserves a huge success in her first published work, and I will forever be a fan… and purchase anything she deems worthy to put in my hands.

                Thank you so much Kim, for writing this story and allowing me to be a part of the team that helps you bring this story to the world! You deserve all the best!

And last but certainly not least!

You can pre-order Keeper on Amazon or Barnes&Noble!

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