My most recent read was an incredible and fast paced book by indie (independent) author, Sacha de Black, Keepers. I’ve read Sacha’s non-fiction but this was her debut into the fiction world, and let me tell you it was well worth the work she put into it!

Meet Eden East, just an elemental girl, livin’ in a steampunk world. Eden’s life is all about Balance, in fact that’s all anyone’s life is about. The job of the Keepers (shapeshifters, elementals, sirens, sorcerers and dryads) and Fallons (a royal Keeper who can control all of the powers of their state) is to keep the Balance, and remove Imbalance from the world of Trutinor. This is done through their respective skill sets depending on their class of magic and through their binding to other Keepers, whom they were fated to be with.

Eden’s life is thrown into chaos when she passes her final exams, and the shapeshifter boy she’s fated to be bound to doesn’t. This is only the tip of the iceberg. On the night of her binding ceremony her parents vanish, a boy from her past arrives amidst a cloud of deceit, and her best friend, Bo is tied up in sinister secrets.  

Thrust into a brewing conflict with immense power her parents and loved ones have tried to keep her from, she is surrounded by treachery from friend and foe alike, making her path uncertain.

If she’s going to survive her search for Balance, the fate of her parents, and ultimately the salvation of the land she loves, then she’ll have to face more than just coming to terms with who and what she has become. She will have to find out who is telling the truth, survive an impossible magical bond that may take her life, travel via steam engine between realms to earth and even the void between the worlds where she comes face to face with horrors she cannot fathom. All this to face the challenging of a system of order that everyone has held as truth for centuries.

If you like steampunk, magic wielding, dimension traveling, political intrigue and a smattering of romance, then this book is definitely for you.

There was a lot going on in this book, and there are times it’s a bit tough to keep up with it all. While some might see that as a setback, I see it as a dive into an elaborate world that I cannot wait to understand more of.

This was a phenomenal beginning for a debut author into a fantastical and intriguing new world, filled with engaging characters.

I gave this book four stars, because I’m required to choose. I did that because I believe that Sacha does have room for improvement, as a new fiction author. That being said, I have full confidence in her ability to do so and I cannot wait to follow her career as well as the story of Eden East of Trutinor.