5 Things I've Learned About Writing

Holy Toledo, Batman! I’ve been writing for a whole year now!

While a year may not seem like much to many people, it’s something pretty big for me. See, I quit a lot. The fact that I’ve stuck with one thing for this long, says a LOT to me. I may not be a New York Times best-selling author, or even a published author… yet. I’m far from having it all figured out. But I have learned a thing or two about writing. I thought I should share them because they’re pretty good, if I do say so myself.

1)       We’re never going to get it perfect, or perfectly original.

And that’s okay. No, seriously. Think about it. Are you perfect? I know I’m not. So why on God’s good green Earth would you think that you can get your writing perfect? There are no original ideas, just perhaps the way that you choose to write it. Because what you are is original. Which brings me to my next point.