4 Tips for Balancing Productivity and Creativity

I don’t know about you all but I pretty much always felt like growing up these two things were polar opposites. You could either be productive or creative, not both. Just me then? Well, I am learning more recently in my life that I can have both. Most often I find that the more productive I am, the more freedom I have to be creative. This may sound a little strange at first but bear with me.

We all have our goals for creativity, things we “want to do.” Word count goals, books to read, video games to beat, etc. But we’re weighed down by the real life things that we “have to do.” Laundry, dishes, cleaning toilets, changing diapers. Especially when those things begin to pile up and then before we know it we are surrounded by the chaos of an endless to-do list.

Now, if you’re like me, you might hate all of the mundane to-do things. You might let the loathing of those things get in your head and defeat you. Your brain gets all overwhelmed and turns to mush. Then you might throw your hands up and say “F*#% it. Nothing is getting done today.” (Okay, I still say that sometimes. But I’m working on it.)