Spring Quarter Goals 2017


Here I go, checking over what I accomplished (or didn’t), and make an updated list for the next few months.

I accomplished more goals than I usually do, but I didn’t accomplish as many as I would have liked. Incredibly specific, huh?

I did learn something important over these last few months…I don’t do well with ambiguity. Although I use ambiguous statements often. *scratches head* I’m a walking conundrum. I need more specific parameters, I suppose. I don’t really know what those are without some trial and error. So, I’m tweaking some things as I go. But aren’t we all? Unless you’ve got it all figured out, in which case…teach me!

If you want to see what my Winter Quarter goals were, click here.

If you just want to know my Spring Goals…. keep reading!

Professional Goals:

1)      Write 500 Words Per Day. 

Because 1 hour per day is not very motivational for me. Some days I write 300 words in an hour and others I can do 1500. It depends on my mood. If I’m feeling unmotivated I’ll write a paragraph or two and bail after my hour is up. 500 words pushes me past my laziness on those days but there is nothing saying I can’t crush these word count goals and go farther.

2)      Blog post 2x per month.

I liked this goal from last quarter so I’m keeping it going. I gave myself a win on this one even though I posted once in February because I CRUSHED my word count goals for my novel that month.

3)      Read 2 books per month.

I’m keeping this one as well because I almost succeeded on it. 2 in January. 0 in February (again focused on my novel that month) and 3 in March. This is a fluid goal for me. Whatever is working for my writing and more importantly my family life that month is what’s going to happen.

4)      Organize office.

I did some. Need to do more.

5)      Participate in Camp NaNo.

If you don't know what that is, click here. This is where I’m going to push myself past goal number one and do 1,000 wpd for the month of April.

And the big ones:

6)      Rough draft completed by June.

This is super nerve wracking for me. But I feel it necessary to give myself a specific deadline. So, June 1st I will have a finished first draft for my novel. Then I’m hoping to set it aside for a month or so before I attack it with editing.

7)      Share more details about my novel.

This one terrifies me, because what if my ideas are rubbish? Also, I change my mind a lot. What if I share something that I decide to change later? *Exasperated sigh.* I need to get over it and share. So look out for more details on my novel soon!


Personal Goals:

1)      Eat healthier.

I succeeded in eating dairy free for several months and I feel much better without it! Hooray for no stomach aches and clearer skin! This will be a continual goal for me.

2)      Go to Dentist.

Hahahahahahaha (okay, okay I’ll make an appointment…first thing Monday).

3)      Finish Unpacking.

It’s been an insane couple of months. With adjustments to our new environment and constant schedule changes. It’s time to finish getting settled. Perfect timing for some Spring cleaning!

4)      Minimize social media.

I did well with this one, but could do better. It’s a major time suck and it also depresses me to read about so much drama and heartache. So, I’m going to take my sister’s suggestion and schedule specific days and times I’m allowed to check my Facebook specifically. Instagram is much more of a helpful tool for me than a distraction so I’m not including that in my schedule, I’ll continue with what I’ve been doing with that.

5)      Make friends.

The ambivert conundrum. Want friends...but don't want to leave the house.

6)      Date my husband.

Hooray this one was successful! This will ALWAYS stay a goal. Healthy and happy relationship makes for a healthy and happy life everywhere else!

7)      Find a church.

Making progress on that front. I think I may have found us a place but I want to go a few more times to be sure.