Summer Quarter Goals 2017


How is it already July? It’s like I don’t own a calendar or keep track of the dates…although surprisingly, I do.

I suppose that means it’s time to assess my goals yet again! Hooray for accountability! (That’s said with only a small measure of sarcasm…I swear.)


1)      Write 500 Words Per Day. I failed this one. Sort of. I crushed it during April, May and early June…but then my productivity fell off the map after June 10th…because I FINISHED MY MANUSCRIPT ROUGH DRAFT! GASP! But I’ll talk about that more later…. (pssst I’m going to tell you a little bit about it so keep reading!) Overall, I’m going to claim a win on this one, because here, I make the rules.

2)      Edit Manuscript by September. I need to get through my first round of edits, which I have been procrastinating on due to large plot holes. However, I’m reading lots of amazing books that are helping intensely with that.

3)      Research Editors. While I will be doing the first couple rounds of edits myself, I still need to find a professional. Because having someone who does this for a living look at your manuscript is crucial to publishing a book without typos and grammatical errors…because finding those errors in published works gives me so. much. rage. Anyways…moving on…

4)      Blog post 2x per month. I failed this one too. Sigh. Though I did post a few times, adding to my Velik story. (Which you can read here.) I will do better over the next few months. Promise.

5)      Read 2 books per month. This has been working well for me and while I do usually exceed it, I’m not going to change it because my focus needs to be pushed towards my writing/editing.

6)      Organize office. Oh, the beast that is organization. I have a love/hate relationship with it. Love to have things tidy, hate to actually do the tidying…can’t I have a house elf? I promise I would treat them nice.

7)      Participate in Camp NaNo- Achieved! I will not be participating in another event again until NaNoWriMo (you can learn more about National Novel Writing Month here) in November, when I will be working on a fresh story to give me a break from my current manuscript.


8)      Rough draft completed by June. VICTORY!!! I finished the rough draft of my manuscript on June 10th!!! Which is a HUGE deal for me because I never finish ANYTHING! Pat on the back and high-fives all around! AND NOW, what you’ve been waiting for…

9)      SHARE MORE DETAILS ABOUT MY NOVEL. This is difficult because I want to share all the things with you. But so much is still a work in progress. I will say this much…

My novel is a fantasy adventure, complete with a mythological world where the Norse Gods rule and a great evil is lurking, waiting to destroy the realms of the gods and mankind alike. Torn between these realms is a fallen warrior Einar, who must overcome the betrayal of his people to rally forces to fight this darkness.



1)      Eat healthier- Doing my best to keep this going. I accidentally ate some dairy the other day because I didn’t check my salad for cheese and wound up SUPER sick so that’s a major setback for me, but I’m feeling better now and will start being a lot more careful.

2)      Go to Dentist- …welllll… I’ll get right on that, I swear. Gotta get the kids in first though.

3)      Finish Unpacking- I’ve been working on it but I’m still not done. There are a handful of boxes just lingering in the garage.

4)      Minimize social media. Mission accomplished! The main reason I accomplished this goal is because I QUIT FACEBOOK. After I quit, I realized how much it depressed and consumed me. I am so glad I’m not on it anymore. It forces me to be much more intentional with my relationships, which I feel like is a dying art in today’s technological world. This goal will be shifted into an effort to socialize with people in a more tangible and old-fashioned way…in person. (Over the phone for the ones I live far from.)

5)      Make friends. Haha. Okay, okay.

6)      Date my husband- We have been SO busy with travel for family functions and overtime for my husband so we can fly to his brother’s wedding next week so we haven't been out much just us. We have more scheduled for this next quarter to have time alone together...which will require finding a babysitter, but that is a challenge we are ready to accept!

7)      Find a church. We’re enjoying the church we’ve found but haven’t been going that frequently so the jury is still out on this one.