Velik - Hunter of Stars

Writing Prompt- Complete the Story I looked up at the night sky and thought of the stories he used to tell about the stars, the constellations, and it seemed sad that I couldn’t remember a single one of them. There’s a string of stars called Orion’s Belt, and I think Orion is known as a hunter, but I’m not sure of what. It’s funny to think that, because in a way I’m a hunter too, only I hunt…


I looked up at the night sky and thought of the stories he used to tell about the stars, the constellations, and it seemed sad that I couldn’t remember a single one of them. There’s a string of stars called Orion’s Belt, and I think Orion is known as a hunter, but I’m not sure of what. It’s funny to think that, because in a way I’m a hunter too, only I hunt people.

Now that sounds creepy when you say it out loud. I suppose I should clarify. It’s not like I’m some psychopath or cannibal. I chase people for money. I’m a bounty hunter. Like Boba Fett.

Except clones aren’t real and I don’t have an awesome spaceship. I can’t afford one, although I keep saving. One day I’ll have enough. I do have a pretty sweet car though. All the good bounty hunters do. It’s a necessity for keeping up with our marks. If you have a slow vehicle, you don’t get your guy. “No mark, no money,” Pops would say.

The car is one of the few perks of the job. It was handed down to me from my grandfather, who got it from his grandfather, kinda like this job. It all runs in the family.

Pops used to tell me stories about the universe, and all the constellations while we worked on the car together. He never talked about the job at night. Only the stars and the car. Boy, how he loved her. Maxine was his only love, he told me repeatedly. Not really sure how I came into the picture, or my dad, if he never loved anyone but a car. But we never talked about my dad.

I learned from a young age to stick to three topics with Pops. Stars, cars and hunting marks. That’s what he lived for. To be fair, there wasn’t much else on this planet to occupy one’s time. It was pretty small and the landscape wasn’t anything to write home about. Not that there was anyone to write. This is home. And I never had anyone else, it’s always been me and Pops.

Jango, where I live, is really a small moon. Named by the first settler here, Ran Harding, as a joke. Harding decided bounty hunters should have a common meeting ground where we could all live and relax between jobs. It also functions as a base of operations for larger missions. Ones where multiple hunters take on Objectives where larger, more dangerous marks and needed to team up to bag ’em. Kind of like the one that my Pops went on two years ago. The one he never returned from.

Pops was not just my grandfather. He was my mentor. I often felt like he rambled a lot. Mostly about the stars. He claimed they were important to our lives. In a way that people had long forgotten. He thought if we could just study them, learn more about them they would change us. He knew every constellation out there. In multiple galaxies. It was pretty impressive when I think about it now. But I didn’t listen enough. I thought it was all mystical mumbo jumbo. I didn’t have time for ultra-spiritual nonsense. Stars were too bright and hot to host people, so marks didn’t go there. I only needed to know about what would bag me a mark. I ate up everything he had to say about the job and cars, but the star stuff fell on deaf ears.

Boy, do I wish I could change that now. As I’m standing here, in the cockpit of my best friend’s ship and we’re staring at a map of the stars, trying to figure out where to go next. Somewhere that won’t nearly kill us, like the last planet we went to. Maybe I’ll tell about that later. Right now, I have to focus on finding Pops.

Because up until yesterday I thought he was dead. Yesterday I had just accepted a new contract. I was off to Lyra to hunt my mark. Then I got a message.

They’ve found you, Velik. Take a ship out of Jengo, tonight. Follow the stars. They will lead you to me. Don’t forget my love. -Pops

Flash of Inspiration #2

Keeping it simple today because I have a lot to do this week. That and I procrastinated yesterday instead of working on something more complex. I do think I was clever in using page 101 with my book backdrop of 101 Fairy Tales. (Pat myself on the back for that one!) I'm intrigued by my starter sentence. I think it will lead to an interesting story. The goal is to write it this week. When I do, I'll share it in the comments! Feel free to share yours in the comments as well! Happy Writing!


Old House That I Am


What is my story, you ask? Well you may not believe it, but I was young once. So full of life. I stand here a ruined skeleton of what I once was. Once, I was full of love and happiness. Once, I held so much joy within my walls that I nearly burst.           

My people built me from the ground up. They were young and happy, newly married. Excited for their future. I remember their joy and laughter. I sheltered them, and helped them start their life together. I never knew of such love, and never dreamed that love could grow to something more.

Then they had babies. Their laughter and happy shouts echoed through the hallways and carried on the wind around me. They played and learned and grew up in all my rooms. They felt happiness, frustration, love and heartbreak within these walls. They learned how to climb the trees around me and jumped from their branches to my roof. I always caught them.

Those babies grew up and left the house. My people were saddened by the emptiness around them, but still they were happy. So was I. They carried on with their lives together, reading by the firelight or sitting in quiet contemplation. Contented by the love that I surrounded them with and the love they had for one another.

One day, the oldest of their children came back, and brought a baby of her own. I shared in the happiness of my people when they saw that baby for the first time.  

As time went on, all the children came back, grown and having their own families. They never stayed long but when they were all together, joy filled up the heart of this house.

Eventually all those children grew up too. They came to visit, but not as often. My people grew older and older, until one day, they had both left me. I know that they left to be in a better place, they would have stayed if they could. But I am alone. Their children came to see me after they had gone but they simply shook their heads and walked away with tears in their eyes.

Now I stand here by myself whether rain or shine. I stand tall against the harsh sun and gusts of wind. I have no one to keep me company anymore except for the squirrel who keeps his winter store in my attic. I am happy to lend shelter to him.

Oh, but I miss the laughter of children and the contented sigh of my people after a long day’s work. Comfortable in their chairs, while I shielded them and kept them warm. Far away from the dangers of the night.

I know I look a mess, but I promise I would make a good and happy home for you and your family. I need ever so much help to look as I once did, old house that I am. But, if you should choose to love me and care for me, you can bet that I will be the best house you ever had.


Flash of Inspiration #1


I'm going to try something new today. Why? Because some days we all feel a little (or a lot) uninspired. On those days it's hard to keep writing. What usually helps me is a writing prompt. Here's hoping that you can come here and find inspiration to get you out of your writing funk.  

My idea was inspired by this picture. (Yes, I totally used it as my cover picture for this category. Which means you see it twice on this post. Sorry, but not really. I couldn't help it. Because...GORGEOUS!)


I just so happened to snap it on a drive yesterday. As usual, I was thinking about how much I love where I live. Then I had a thought. What if someone had never, ever seen a mountain before? Not even in a picture.

So here is the prompt for today: Imagine you (or a make-believe person) have never seen mountains before. Ever. You wake up one day and see this. Write as much as you can in 10 minutes! Ready, set, go!

Feel free to share what you wrote in the comments below or just use it as a shove to get your creative juices flowing.

Happy Writing!