About A Book Cook


You feel it too. That excitement when you find a new book to read. That wonderful, earthy smell when you flip the pages. The desire to consume the book as rapidly and simultaneously as slowly as possible. The satisfaction yet sadness at the end of a truly good book. Yep, I knew it. We’ll get along just fine.


Maybe you also have really wonderful and even fantastical ideas floating around in your head that you struggle with capturing and putting on paper for others to enjoy.

Me too!


Well, welcome to my little corner of the internet! A place of dreams and magic, where anything can happen. My own personal Narnia, if you will. I mean seriously, who doesn’t want their own personal world? Complete with flying creatures, magic wands, talking animals, heroic characters, and an epic throne, just for you. Maybe one made of a bunch of swords. Eh, maybe not. Sounds really uncomfortable…well, maybe we could add some cushion. Like a magical one made of clouds.


As some of you may be backing away slowly, or even running for the hills because this chick is WEIRD, the rest of you are all starry eyed and not paying attention to me anymore because you’re picturing your own little imaginary world. Haha, caught you!


Now that I’ve weeded out all of the crazies that don’t belong here, hi! I’m Karli, and we can totally be friends. And by that I mean that you know what I look like and you’re reading my thoughts and I have no idea who you are. Uhhh, this is getting uncomfortable fast. I guess that’s what I get for writing my thoughts down where others can read them. I suppose that’s really kinda the point here, isn’t it?


Well, why are you here? You need someone to share in the journey of book love! Reading them, appreciating them, learning from them, even writing them! That’s great!


So here you are, reminding me of why I’m here! Thanks! I like books. A lot. Big books, little books, old books, new books…I think you get the idea. I’m kind of a book groupie, a bibliophile as I prefer to be called. It sounds classier. Or a little (okay, A LOT) obsessed, but oh well. It’s what I am and I’ve learned to embrace it. Say it with me, “I am a book-a-holic.” See, don’t you feel better now? I know I do.


I’ve been a life-long book lover, but just recently discovered (or really admitted to myself) that I’d like to be a book writer too! What does this have to do with you?


Well perhaps you’re an aspiring author too! Perhaps you like to read as frequently as humanly possible! (I know I do!) Or maybe you’re looking to squeeze as much as you can out of every book you come across!


Well that’s what I’m here for! I hope to bring a fresh, fun and thought-provoking take to all the books I read as I share them with you! Bequeathing my little nuggets of wisdom and my struggles as I learn, not only how to dig deeper as I read, but to also apply it to writing as I wrestle onto paper this magical world that is stubbornly trying to stay stuck living in the shadows of my brain!


So here is my own little space to talk about all this book stuff. I think I’ll paint it green. I love green! It makes me so happy! Like leaves on trees. Mmmm trees, the beautiful things that give us oxygen and books. (Let’s be real, they’re actually the same thing.) I think I’ll share this space with you too though, you look like you need a place to relax! Hope you love it as much as I do!


What specifically do you have to look forward to as you hang out here with me? I bring to you:

“Bookish Adventures" (In which I attempt to impart wisdom based on the books I've read)

“A Book Cooks" (In which I write...about writing)

"What's Cookin' " (In which I share yummy things to eat. Because let’s face it, we need yummy food to keep our brains ready to learn awesome things!)


Thanks so much for stopping by! Can’t wait to chat about books (and tasty treats!) with you soon!