Bookish Adventures: An Introduction


So you know when someone starts explaining a story to you and then before you can stop them, you realize that they’ve given you all the high points and ruined the story for you? Yeah, me too. I’ve also done it to others. (Gasp!) Granted, it’s been a while since I have. I actually stopped long ago trying to explain books to people because I’m such a detail person that I wind up ruining it for them. And I HATE when someone does that to me. Which is why I will NOT be doing traditional book reviews on my blog. You’ll find that I’m actually not very traditional about a lot of things around here. I have my own way of doing things and I like it like that. (Aren’t recipes made to be tampered with?)  Wait, what was I saying? Oh, right! Book reviews.

My book reviews are going to contain ideas and feelings that the book evokes from me, rather than a traditional synopsis and rating. (Mostly because I hate reading them myself, so why would I write them? Snore!) Just enough for you to see if you think you might like to read it and see what it brings out for you, but not enough to totally ruin the book or put you to sleep.

Books attempt to take us on an adventure in our minds. We’re able to check out of reality and experience new and exciting things. The best authors though, are able to take their book, their suspended reality and implant little ideas into our brain that we can’t quite shake even after the pages are closed. The people that can make those ideas unique for each person that way everyone looks at the book just a little bit differently are the bestest authors. (Yes that’s a word. No, don’t go look it up. Fine. It’s made up! Are you happy?)

My goal in these “Bookish Adventures” I will be sharing with you, is to divulge what I got out of these books. To encourage you to pay just a little bit more attention when you’re reading and see what the book gives to you. To get you just excited enough about the books I’ve read that you want to read them too. And to inspire conversation about these literary gems and the goodies they share with us, because every book has an idea (or two!) to share!