A Book Is Cooking: An Introduction


It’s probably not a far reach to guess what I’m going to talk about here. I’m cooking a book. In my brain. It’s one of those low and slow kind of things. Like a good pot roast. I’ve been sort of working on this idea in my head (off and on) for a few years now. In December I decided to try writing more in general, so I started journaling. Which I actually used to do when I was younger and always found it therapeutic. But I didn’t even consider writing more seriously for myself because I wasn’t the “writer” of the family. I was the “reader.” And you can’t be both, right? That would just be silly. Seriously.

That leads me to January, when I decided to actually put those words on paper. I threw my pot roast in the pan for a good sear!

Then, a dream that was sitting, neglected in the recesses of my brain gained life! Since then I have been eating, breathing, dreaming about writing and all it entails. Which has been tiring, yet fun!

So what are you doing here? Besides hanging on my every word because you’re dying to hear about my dreams and goals. (No? Well maybe just pretend.) Okay, I actually like to think it’s because you might have a similar goal.

Perhaps you’re a lot like me and you didn’t know or couldn’t admit to yourself that you wanted to write. So you have a lot of demons (real or imaginary) to deal with in gaining confidence and momentum to do just that.

Maybe you know that you want to write that novel about alien ants that live on a farm but you just need to know that there are other weird people out there like you that are writing these insanely awesome ideas down! (Seriously though, the farm of alien ants has already been done, even if it’s not a book. Maybe pick a new idea.)

Or maybe you could even have been a writer for a while but you’re all about learning more about the technicalities behind it. Writing styles and plot formation and other fancy writerly things.

While I obviously am no expert, I am dedicated to figuring this stuff out! The more people who write about their methods of research and their trials and successes and failures, the more people out there like you and me that have more resources to make our novels happen! So we begin to learn as our tasty little hunks of meat cook all slow to be tasty and melty and perfect. (Can you tell I’m hungry?)

In case you aren’t good with metaphors, we don’t want our books to be literally eaten or to melt. But we most certainly want them to be perfect, to be devoured by other’s minds and to be satisfying to their souls.

I’m looking forward to this new, albeit slightly scary endeavor and cannot wait to share what I learn with you!