Summer Quarter Goals 2016

I have goals to accomplish. I’m guessing you do too. I don’t know about you, but I set goals all the time. My problem comes in when I actually have to accomplish these goals. I need accountability. Someone (or several someones) expecting things from me to remind me that I’ve got things to do. If I don’t have accountability, I tend to change my mind on what my goals are, sometimes even in the middle of doing them. Which means very little actually gets done. For example, there was that time I started a YouTube channel before I decided what the heck I wanted to do with my life. I made a few videos and then quit. Sigh.

And then there was that one time that had the goal to paint the baseboards in my house. Each time I go to do this, I decide I’m going to do something else. I got fed up with never completing it, so I grabbed some paint and a paint brush and marched upstairs to begin. Aaand then I ended up painting the cupboards in the bathroom. Well…I started to. So now, the baseboards are not painted and my bathroom cabinets are a two tone combo of 90s looking wood and white. It’s sexy. No. It’s not. That was a joke. I’ll include a picture. Maybe if I share my shame, I’ll actually finish painting it.


See what I mean? I need help.

I decided to set myself goals for the four quarters of the year. Each quarter I’m going to come up with a list of goals (writing, reading and personal) and share them here. If I accomplish the goals, I am excited to come share with you. And the idea of telling you all that I’m going to do something and not doing it is a little embarrassing. I’m a pretty competitive person so I think this method will work for me. I got this idea from a pretty awesome writer that I follow on YouTube, Jenna Moreci. You can check her out here! She is hilarious, and oh so wise. Also, her book Eve: The Awakening is pretty cool!

So here we go!

Summer Quarter (July-September)

-New blog post every Tuesday! I’ve been doing pretty good with it, but I want to keep up my momentum! (I almost didn't make it today because my day was busy. But here I am!)

-Start posting fiction on my blog. I’ve begun to share writing prompts, but I am trying to challenge myself to share a piece of fiction with you from time to time. I haven’t because, nerves. (It was also a mini goal to actually include this goal. I deleted and retyped it five times. Yay me!)

-Figure out what forms of social media I am going to use to promote my blog. This is going to take me a little bit of research because I am pretty much only proficient at Instagram, and I’m decent at Facebook. I know I don’t need to use every form of social media out there. Thank God! I checked out Tumblr the other day and that scared me to death. (The name irks me too. I really don’t like it when things are misspelled on purpose…cringe.) I’m not so great at all of this internet business, but I do want to broaden my horizons.

-Read 1 book/week (This will push me towards my bigger goal of reading 52 books this year!)

-Read a wider range of books. I have a lot of books on my shelves that I need to read before buying more. I would like to read every book I own no matter what it is about. I fully believe there is always something to be learned from every book! (Even if the lesson is how not to write.)

-Write 30,000 words in my novel (sounds like a whole lot but that’s around 500 words per day, not counting weekends and a few extra days off here and there, like 4th of July.) I’m a wordy person. I can do it!

-Get outdoors more often! I tend to hermit when I'm busy. Or stressed. Or tired. Okay so I'm a hermit most of the time. I live in the desert so it's not always appealing to go outside, but there are nice parks to go to! And I do have a really pretty tree in my front yard! I definitely spent Friday evening waiting for my hubby to come home reading in my front yard. I need to do that more often!


-Clean out my garage. It is jam packed full of all kinds of things. Some of it is stuff I need, most of it is not. Time to donate, donate, donate! I’d really like to be able to park my car in the garage, since I hear that’s what it’s for!

-Create a better system for paperwork (bills, etc.) that way my desk is more free for writerly things! (And so I'm less stressed about the bills!)

-Oh, I guess there's the painting. Those baseboards and bathroom cabinets aren't going to paint themselves! Seriously, I keep waiting to see if it's going to happen. I was hoping for little elves to come in and help out while I'm sleeping but no such luck.

Well that's my list! I'm a little intimidated. But, I have to say that I am excited to see just how much I can accomplish over the next couple of months!


Do you have a system for setting goals? Is it a list you keep somewhere or just in your head? Do you set deadlines on those goals?

Please share, I’d love to hear what keeps you motivated!