August Reading Recap


It seems I’m always saying that the month flew by but seriously, August flew by! Could help that I read a crap-ton of books. Seriously though. I completed 9 books! I tried to make it an even 10 but to no avail! I’m not going to recap each and every one, as I read a couple of series (or parts of them). So I will give my overall impression of the series.

First set of books I read are a part of a series, The Squire’s Tales. The first four books are as follows: The Squire’s Tale, A Squire His Knight and His Lady, The Savage Damsel and the Dwarf, and Parsifal’s Page. I had read the first two growing up and was absolutely obsessed. Having NO idea they were a part of a larger series. They are intended for young adult but I honestly believe they transcend age boundaries. If you love King Arthur and the Round table and all of that jazz, you will absolutely love these stories! They are fun, fast paced and full of magic. I can’t wait to read the rest of the series!

Next I re-read/finished the Inheritance Cycle. I purchased Eragon for my brother for Christmas the year it was published and my siblings and I loved it. Then I read Eldest when it was released. For one reason or another, I didn’t pick Brisingr up immediately and when I did I couldn’t really remember all the details of the first two books so I set it aside. And never finished it. So I set myself the task of re-reading the first two books and finishing the series. I did not expect to find it incredibly tedious. This series is definitely worth reading once but it is not a re-read. I remembered just enough of the first two books to make reading them completely anticlimactic, which made them hard to pick up again. I stuck with it and was glad I did. I felt as though Brisingr and Inheritance were more well written.

Over all, these are a good read. Not my favorite, but worth the time. Once over. For his age Christopher Paolini accomplished something pretty amazing. However, his age was also a deterrent. Eragon is angsty and juvenile pretty much throughout. Due to his age as well as the age of the writer. Paolini is incredibly wordy. I am not against an 800-page novel (Game of Thrones dudes) but make it interesting. He uses 10 words where 5 would do. Honestly I can’t fault him too much for this as I have the same issue. It was a good lesson for me at what my novel could end up looking like if I don’t edit properly. There were a few other issues that honestly are pretty minor comparatively so I won’t mention them specifically. Other than these issues the story was well crafted and I would love to see if, as he is older now, he could write a spin off series as to what Alagaesia is like now.

After all of this nostalgic re-reading and YA at that, I felt the need to read something with more depth to it. I was given a huge stack of books and amongst those was The Great Gatsby which I am completely ashamed to admit I had never read until now. GASP! Well I righted that wrong and... wow. I almost have no words. Haha, almost. I never have no words.

As I somehow managed to go this entire time having NO knowledge as to the plot I loved the surprise of it! My obnoxiousness paid off. (Seriously, if someone is about to say something about a book I haven’t read, I plug my ears and LALALA!) I am so glad I didn’t know what to expect, it made it that much better!

I never watched the movie because…. I refuse. My first impression of a story will NOT be the movie. (Although I do have plans to watch it soon!) Especially one with such high acclaim as this. Fitzgerald is a genius with words. I was so drawn into the world I could vividly picture everything. It could help that I love the “roaring twenties” and if it weren’t for the rampant racism and sexism in that era I would time travel and live there for a while in a heartbeat.

I don't want to give anything away, so I’m going to stop. Although almost everyone has probably read this book WAY before me. This is what happens when you’re homeschooled and your parents let you choose your classics list. Somehow books that are a given for everyone else slip through the cracks. But then again, sometimes it means you’ve read things that no one else has.

Well guys, that’s a wrap for this month. I’m pretty excited about several books I have lined up to read next. Also hoping there will be more writing so there will probably (maybe) be less books read. That’s alright, balance!