Winter Quarter Goals 2017


Winter Quarter (January-March)

Well folks, it’s been a bit since my last post about goals. To be honest, I don’t really want to talk about how badly I may or may not have failed at my last list. (In all fairness, I did have a boatload of changes in the last 6-ish months).

Instead, I’m starting fresh with the new year! I’m trying to keep my goals more straightforward this time around. Accountability is key for me to accomplish anything, so here I am, sharing with you.

  • Write 1 hour per day. I need to do this in the early morning or it doesn’t happen at all. I have a writing buddy that’s an early riser too and we’ve got a new thing going where we text and/or Snapchat first thing in the morning for accountability to get our butts moving.
  • Exercise 3x per week. I will not have the energy to get up as early as needed to write if I don’t start working out again. (Especially since my almost 2-year-old has decided that he won’t be sleeping anymore since we decided to switch to a “big boy bed” like big brother’s. Oh joy.)
  • Eat healthier. Because it’s important. Also, I’ve been having dietary issues lately and I need to figure out what works for me and what doesn’t.
  • Go to the dentist. On the topic of being healthier. Ugh.
  • Blog post 2x per month. Because I don’t think it’s realistic for me to post more frequently than that right now. We shall see.
  • Read 2 books per month. I read nearly a book a week last year, but it left me with less writing time so I’m trying to balance that out.
  • Organize office. Because it’s a mess and I’ll be happier and concentrate more if it looks good. There's a method to my madness but it's better if  it doesn't resemble actual madness.
  • Finish unpacking. We just moved and thanks to my super-duper mama and her goal crushing magic, we got very nearly set up. I do need to finish it out, though.
  • Minimize social media. (I’m looking at you, Facebook.) Not Instagram though, because that actually doesn’t consume me in a negative way, and it is a good promotional tool for my blog.
  • Get outside more. It rains a lot here so I need to take advantage of the sun while it’s out and take the kids out to play. Plus side of being here is that we now live only 5 minutes from a beautiful river and 15 minutes from the Ocean! No excuses!
  • Make friends. We just moved several hours from home and don’t know anyone here. I can be very anti-social. I know if I don’t make myself meet people…I won’t.
  • Date my husband. We have been incredibly busy since May of last year, with my husband's career change. He even needed to live in a different town for 6 months for job related training and while we're living as a family again, he is currently in even more training! It’ll be difficult to come by regular babysitters. (That whole not knowing anyone thing, again.) BUT, I firmly believe that a healthy marriage is the glue that holds a happy family together. Plus, I really like my husband a lot and want to spend more time with him. Even if it means we have a few dates at home. It just means getting creative!
  • Find a Church. Last but not least. Faith is very important to our family and my husband and I want to find a place somewhere here to call home.

Well there it is, my list for this quarter. I think it’s an attainable list, but also forces me to get moving and stay productive. This is crucial for me not spiraling into a pit of self-loathing and despair, which is really important in life I find. I'm sure you do too!

Here's to a New Year, with new goals to accomplish and dreams to reach!


Do you set goals for yourself? How regularly? What are your methods for keeping yourself accountable? Feel free to share in the comments below!