You feel it too. The magnetic pull that is a bookstore. That excitement when you find a new book to read. Wonderful, earthy smells when you flip the pages. The desire to consume the book as rapidly and as slowly as possible. Satisfaction and simultaneous sadness at the end of a truly good book.

Yep, I knew it. We’ll get along just fine!

Perhaps even, contained within the shadowy recesses of your brain is an incredible world filled with people compelling you to tell their story. It could even be that you’re just like me and wrestling with yourself trying to write it all down and get it right.

Aw, look at us, relating and stuff!

I'm Karli. *wave*

While not the most social of creatures, nor even the most technologically savvy, I decided to embark on a grand adventure. Questing my way through the pages of the best stories, fighting the epic battle to get my ideas from my head (where they torment me just as my eyes are closing after a long day) onto paper, writing all about my triumphs and failures to share with the world *clears throat nervously* and ultimately, getting those words into your hands and head (where they can give you a few sleepless nights too.) I’m a good sharer. You can thank me later.

When I’m not wrestling words, or browsing books, I’m wife to the best husband ever and mom to the cutest boys ever (seriously though, I wouldn’t lie to you). I also have a dog. Who is also male. I love adventuring outdoors with all my guys. They make my life an amazing place, and I am so thankful for them.

I also love another guy, Jesus. *taps chest and points to the sky* I don’t know why I did that, that was awkward. But seriously though, I’m free to be me and pursue my dreams because of Him.