Flash of Inspiration #1

I'm going to try something new today. Why? Because some days we all feel a little (or a lot) uninspired. On those days it's hard to keep writing. What usually helps me is a writing prompt. Here's hoping that you can come here and find inspiration to get you out of your writing funk.  


I just so happened to snap this picture on a drive yesterday. As usual, I was thinking about how much I love where I live. Then I had a thought. What if someone had never, ever seen a mountain before? Not even in a picture.

So here is the prompt for today: Imagine you (or a make-believe person) have never seen mountains before. Ever. You wake up one day and see this. Write as much as you can in 10 minutes! Ready, set, go!

Feel free to share what you wrote in the comments below or just use it as a shove to get your creative juices flowing.

Happy Writing!